• Why Invest in Your Brand?

    Knowing why, how, and what makes your brand distinctive, and then acting on this knowledge, makes your brand remarkable. As you look deep into the purpose of your business, and why you do what you do, you can begin to … Continue reading

  • What Is Brand?

    Often, brand is thought of as a logo or a specific font or color, or even a product. In reality, these items are elements within your brand. As a whole, your brand is about experiences you create and the perceptions … Continue reading

  • Branding with a Deeper Purpose

    At W Creative, we believe that business owners and their employees have an inherent ability to be remarkable when creating positive brand experiences that can change the world. Because of this, we believe it is the business owners’ duty to … Continue reading

  • Eden Prairie Fun Fund-raiser

    W Creative is an active supporter and participant in the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce. And for the fourth year in a row we helped to promote their annual gala by creating all the marketing materials, including the logo, posters, … Continue reading

  • Meet Karen O’Bryan

    We are excited to announce the newest addition to our design team. Karen O’Bryan has joined W Creative as a graphic designer and will contribute to delivering outstanding brand results. With a background in illustration and a penchant for great … Continue reading

  • Business Conference, June 19, ...

      Alan Wallner will be speaking about marketing your business at the Eden Prairie Chamber Business Conference. He is part of a panel discussing marketing at one of the seminars at 2 pm. Other members of the panel include Nicole … Continue reading

  • Ho-hum to Kick-ass!

    How to captivate customers and get results. Join us for an evening of creativity, insight, and inspiration to kick your business up a notch. You’ll get access to industry veterans who will show you how to focus your message, attract … Continue reading

  • Proofreading, proofreading, pr...

    We can’t say it enough: reread through your copy—even set it aside for a while—before sending it off on the web, through email, or on to the printer. Another tip: Have someone else read through what you’ve written. Use an … Continue reading

  • Trademark Use in Copy

    We’ve all seen it—copy on the web, in a brochure or email with TMs, SMs, and circle Rs all through the copy. Is that excessive or responsible use? Federal law does not govern the use of these symbols, but local, … Continue reading

  • Keeping Track of Words

    Once your brand is established, you should set up a brand standards guide. And as copy is written for the web, ads, even business cards, you’ll also need a Style Guide for the words you use. A Style Guide is … Continue reading

  • W Creative’s New Mascot ...

    He’s pretty quiet as he rests on his couch by Rosie’s desk or on his dog bed by Alan’s desk. But as we talk with you on the phone, you might hear some barking, growling, or munching on rawhide—so we … Continue reading

  • Create. Measure. Adapt.

    At W Creative we work with companies to create branding solutions that help them grow and capture the attention of their customers. One question we encounter regularly is – How do you cut through the thousands of messages your customer … Continue reading

  • Every connection you have with...

    We help companies grow by creating brands that attract customers. Every connection you have with your customer is a reflection of your brand image. Here are a couple tips to help make sure your customers keep coming back! Don’t give … Continue reading