SUCCESS Computer Consulting

SUCCESS Computer Consulting is a managed IT services company that believes every company can succeed.

They focus on delivering technology solutions smarter and faster, so their clients can focus on what they do best.

SUCCESS Computer Consulting was looking for help to focus their brand positioning and messaging. They also were interested in revitalizing their image so it better reflected who they are and the value they bring to a business.

We helped them better understand, internally as a team, why they do what they do so they can all work together to authentically deliver on their brand promise and create a culture that supports these efforts. We worked with them to better understand their target audience and how to align their unique offering to the needs of their customers and prospects.

As SUCCESS grows their business, W Creative helps them to ensure their brand is represented consistently visually and as part of the daily customer experience.

SUCCESS believes their purpose is to revitalize the promise of technology. To empower businesses with the best and most appropriate technical infrastructure that enables them to succeed.

It is their job to ensure their customers are focused on what they do best, to help elevate their customer’s efforts on the “above the line” business drivers.

SUCCESS employees are ambassadors; they set the standard and deliver the value that brings out the best qualities in people. They lead by example, earning their customer’s trust and respect.

SUCCESS believes they are morally compelled to help businesses succeed.

What we did: Brand foundation and strategy, logo design, internal cultural development, brand book, website consulting, sell sheet template system and library of icons.


At SUCCESS We Believe…


  • in delivering on our commitments.
  • we are ambassadors of technology.
  • in being accountable and doing what is right.
  • cheaper is not always cheaper.
  • mistakes will be made, so embrace them and learn.
  • in leaving our egos at the door.
  • in the value of the question more than the answer.
  • our clients have to believe in us or technology will not work.
  • technology when properly harnessed can empower a business to do great things.
  • we can always do better, and we must.
  • our clients can feel the difference we make.
  • in not giving up.
  • even though there may be gaps, when we have it, we ARE the best.
  • in our ability.
  • in being platform agnostic.
  • our job is to help business navigate their knowledge and technology gaps.
  • in our client’s potential and our passion.
  • in surrounding ourselves with great people.