We currently work with the Eden Prairie Community Foundation to help them communicate their brand message. Our goal is to help the Foundation communicate their purpose in a way that helps them connect better with the community and create more visibility for their organization.

The Eden Prairie Community Foundation’s mission statement is “enriching our community through philanthropy, collaboration and leadership.” The foundation works to improve the lives of those who work or live within the community of Eden Prairie, a suburb southwest of Minneapolis. They do this by giving grants to nonprofits and agencies that serve the community, holding fundraising events for individuals and families who do local grant making on their own, and helping the community come together. The foundation has also held events where neighbors can simply get to know each other in order to improve community rapport.

Visit their website for more information and to find out how you can contribute.

At W Creative we build brands with a purpose—we examine from within, to discover your true passion, purpose, and why you do what you do. This purpose drives your brand and thus your organization. By teaming up with philanthropic organizations and contributing to their brand, we hope to help them grow and prosper within the community. We encourage our clients to follow our lead and do the same by contributing to their community in some way.