Five Branding Tips

Here are five branding tips to make sure you’re the first company that comes to mind when a customer needs your service.

1) Visual.
Simple is best. Simplicity makes it easy for people to remember you.

2) Sociable.
When you’re choosing a name consider how your brand will work in social media and even if the web address is available.

3) Likeability.
Have fun, some of the best brands have humorous or whimsical aspects to the elements.

4) The right fit.
You’ll be living with your brand a long time, don’t go with a brand that doesn’t feel right. Customers sense this, and you won’t promote it with passion.

5) Be consistent.
Once you’ve come up with your brand, use it everywhere — business cards, graphics for your car, website. Don’t leave any old branding lurking around to confuse people.

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