Often, brand is thought of as a logo or a specific font or color, or even a product.

In reality, these items are elements within your brand. As a whole, your brand is about experiences you create and the perceptions people have of these experiences. The emotional responses create a personal connection with your brand. Be it good or bad, that becomes your brand.

What is brand

Brand is one of the most powerful tools you have to ensure your business is a success. Building and growing a business without a clear understanding of what your brand is creates mixed messages and confusion for your customers, not to mention your employees. For example, a brand is ALL the experiences people have with your company, including how your staff answers the phone, greets a customer, assists a customer with inquires, and deals with an unhappy customer. All these experiences create perceptions and feelings that determine how someone thinks or what their next decision may be.

Your ability to make the experiences you create distinctive, relevant, and consistent creates a strong, memorable, and remarkable brand.