Project Description

The Challenge

Fabienne Fredrickson and her team were preparing to evolve their business to reach more than a million entrepreneurs, expand their curriculum to include a more spiritual mindset, and better communicate a deeper sense of how they help their business students go beyond what they thought possible. Originally named Client Attraction, the name did not capture the magnitude of transformation that their clients were experiencing. They needed a name and image that represented the impact they were having with their clients and the unique community they were creating. They wanted to connect at a deeper level with their clients and inspire their team to fulfill on a bigger mission. Entelechy, the vital force and drive within each living thing to reach its full potential, was the word used to describe what Fabienne was activating in their clients.

The Solution

BoldheartActivate your greatness, captures the experience and the intended result of being part of this business academy. The core message used to support the name Boldheart comes from the lessons learned – the results and quality of life you seek are already inside you, and given the right conditions, you can grow to become who you are meant to be professionally and personally. Boldheart represents the individual’s disposition for not wanting to be status quo, but to actually do something great with their life. They want to be inspired to take action and break through the barriers that are holding them back and go beyond what they thought was possible.

What We Did

We sought to capture the essence of the transformative effect Fabienne’s program has on her clients to reach more like-minded entrepreneurs. The name was critical because the program goes deeper than just a curriculum to teach entrepreneurs how to grow their business. Participants learn how to step into their greater purpose that leads to lifelong success. We discovered common threads among the target audience segments that began to form a unique set of descriptive words we leveraged to capture the common emotion and outcome associated with each audience. We also analyzed the culture of the business and what stood out as elements that attracted people to the experience Fabienne and her team were creating. We then leveraged the vocabulary, emotions, and concepts associated with the culture and target audience segments as the foundation for guiding the process of developing the name and identity.

“I felt like W Creative listened to me and truly understood what we needed and captured my purpose and what I am here to do. They helped position the next phase of our business through our new name.

I have confidence with our new logo and name that I have not had before – it feels like it is me and what I am trying to do.

The approach W Creative took us through made me feel like we were getting to the core of our business, not just at the what we do level, but the why we do what we do and the value we provide our clients.

The process was very collaborative and allowed us to explore a range of options. I feel like my brand is not only capturing why I do what I do, it is also in alignment with who I do this for and what they are looking for from me.”

— Fabienne Fredrickson, Boldheart

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