Project Description

The Challenge

Health e(fx), is a software as a service company that helps employers comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), came to us in the early stages of development to help with branding, user interface design, and marketing. The Affordable Care Act had just been rolled out, and campaigning for the high-stakes 2012 elections was coming to a close. This was a high-risk initiative with a tight timeline to bring a solution to market quickly and a target audience that was unclear and anxious about how the ACA would impact their business. Health e(fx) developed flexible, scalable solutions focused on solving the ACA challenges for employers that promised to integrate with most HR, health benefits, and payroll systems. They were looking for a trusted and reliable agency for their highly confidential project, to act as their branding and marketing partner.

The Solution

To help get Health e(fx) to market as quickly as possible, we worked with the team to create a two-track approach. One aspect was focused on creating and building a brand presence with a brand identity, website, and thought leadership content to help create clarity and provide information for employers about the software solution and the ACA. The second track was working with the development team to apply the brand experience to the software solution so employers could efficiently work through complex ACA parameters leveraging the software’s capabilities.

By helping Health e(fx) get to market first with a usable beta solution and responding quickly to market shifts, user experience feedback, and the evolution of the ACA; Health e(fx) was able to collect critical market feedback that allowed them to advance quickly to being one of the top solutions in the market through the unpredictable and unstable ACA market.

With a few slight adjustments, the Health e(fx) brand foundation and strategy that was established early on is still used today to help keep the Health e(fx) brand message and image focused and on target with a market that is still in flux.

What We Did

To understand the magnitude of the challenge, we had to start by learning what we could about the Affordable Care Act and how it would impact employers. This was the foundation to develop a core brand message, an image, and a user interface for the solution that would feel comfortable for the target audience. Since the Affordable Care Act was very complex, difficult to understand, and constantly evolving, we focused in on a core message that best reflected what Health e(fx) could give businesses overwhelmed by what was needed to comply with the ACA. We collaborated with Health e(fx) to identify, prioritize, and create personas to better understand the challenges faced by employers and how to get the right message to the right person in the best way possible. While the brand image and marketing messages were being developed, we collaborated with the software development team through iterations of the user interface to help deliver the first ACA solution to employers that got the job done right.

Clarity. Compliance. Control.

Create stability and focus through uncertainty and constant change with a brand foundation and strategy.